Selling Your Property with International Realty

We have formed valuable relationships with International Realtors in New York, Miami, Los Angles, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Canada, Switzerland, Sydney and Melbourne, who are advisors to some of the most affluent people in the world. Should your property suitably attract such buyers, International Realty will act in a pro-active manner to ensure exposure with these buyers via our international associate network. This is an ‘Exclusive’ service to vendors of International Realty.

We recognise that selling your home is not just about business and that putting your home on the market is a personal and emotional experience.

That is why our accomplished agents are determined to provide you with the level of professional service that you truly deserve. For us, it is much more than our fiduciary duty to provide and deliver sound honest advice on every occasion.

We will always have your best interests at heart, exercising good faith, and performing all duties to your instructions with due care and skill at all times.

We will act to achieve only the very best possible result for you.

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A confidential meeting on what we will do for you, how we will do it, and why we will do it. To exceed your expectations in every respect.

Testimonials for Mike McColl

Like many we were cynical about using a real estate agent to sell our home, that is until we listed with Mike McColl. We attempted to sell our home privately in the first instance but then Mike took away all the stress for us with his calm and confident demeanor and the net result was our walking away with more cash in our pockets than we ever hoped for. We were confident throughout the process that he had our best interests in mind, and to say he goes above and beyond is an understatement. A true gentleman and all around person!

— Dianne Roberts
9 Feb. 2020

He is one of the truly nice human beings you will ever get to know and do business with. It is impossible not to establish a relationship with Mike that goes beyond 'the deal'. Talk to any of his friends and clients (they usually end up both) and the story is always the same. Do yourself a favor and get to know him.

— Steve Williams

Selling a property in your own country or home town is challenging enough, let alone selling while you are away overseas at the time. We are pleased to write this in favour of the team at International Realty who assisted my wife and I in our residential apartment sale in Parnell, Auckland. Mike was exceptional to deal with and an endless source of feedback that is relevant in making a sale. He made the entire process of selling a seamless, pleasant and an achievable transaction. A realistic fee plan combining a total professional marketing strategy achieved a sale from a second viewing only. Well done International Realty. Regards, Rod & Steph

— Rod Neilson
Justice of the Peace for New Zealand (Retired)
Vanuatu, 12 October 2013.

To Whom It May Concern:

Where do I start, for the last 9mths we have had our property on the market in Auckland with 3 different companies all professing to do exceedingly marvelous things for us as homeowners. They gave us the pitch, we listed with them and then all 3 of them fell miserably short of expectation. Not to mention that we forked out huge amounts of money for marketing and promoting our home and in one instance paid for an auction that never happened! Imagine after the listing expired our disappointment of no sale not even an offer for 9 months!!

By the time we sat with Mike we had already made up our minds we were not interested in any pitch and we challenged him to show us what he was going to do differently. Poor guy, my husband and I were at the end of our tether and had decided that if it didn't sell this time that would be it it was off the market full stop!!

The fresh take on how he promoted our home not only impressed us but blew the other 3 agents we had listed with out of the water!! This man promised very little it was his actions that spoke volumes!!

He maintained contact with us on a regular basis and kept us informed of all that he was doing to promote and market our home. Bottom line he did his job and he excelled in what he delivered. Within 11 days this man had an offer on the table close to what we were asking for and a backup offer the following day!! Did I mention in 11 days!!! Hence to say we have sold our beautiful home in a fickle market at the wrong time of the year, all the other agents had prime calendar months and we sold it for a price that those other agencies had promised they could get and couldn't.

I am not one to give accolades freely but when they are deserved and need to be acknowledged I will do it without hesitation. If you are a homeowner and you want the best service and the most articulate man on your team then hands down you should be seeking this man out. First impressions were just that, Mike is passionate and sincere about the service he can deliver you and he assures you that your needs and concerns are being heard. Mike actively listens to you he is honest and open about what is going on in the market and his advice is constructive. He goes that extra mile to achieve the best outcome for you and he will work tirelessly to see it through. He is articulate and professional. Mike McColl is what an outstanding Real Estate Agent should aspire to be.

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to have worked with this man and I would highly recommend him to every homeowner who is serious about selling their home with the expectation of the best outcome. Mike is a gentleman, a humble man and a man of his word. He is one of the few real estate agents I have met that is genuinely there for you and he strives to meet and exceed your expectations even when the odds are stacked against him. He is in short the cherry on top of the cake the cream of the crop!!

All the best for the future Mike you have nothing but greatness ahead. Much respect.

— Kim & Anthony Reade

Thanks to Mike McColl's tenacity we at 34 Clansman Tce. accepted the sale price which turned out to be the reserve we always had in mind. Mr McColl , in our opinion, went "beyond the call of duty" to keep in touch with prospects who at first seemed reluctant in making a decision. In addition, Mike demonstrated his expertise at the negotiating table by securing a reasonable settlement acceptable to both parties. Evolution's fees,too, were lower than any agent on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula which was the initial reason why we chose his firm.

— John R Morris. 14 September 2014

Mike McColl has helped make right my previous deep disappointment in the Real Estate industry...

I understand why some people frown on using agents and want to sell their homes directly. When I sold my first home I listed it with a high flying, well known, successful agent who I assumed I could trust. To my surprise and horror she left for a month holiday in Fiji three days after listing my house, after convincing me to spend thousands on a marketing campaign. Many other issues arose and ultimately I had to let my house go for far less than I had hoped, and far less than she had convinced me the house would bring. It was a huge blow, that house was all the savings I had. And the lack of integrity that surfaced in many ways with my agent was also a blow. I still remember how angry and hurt I felt.

You can understand why I was considering selling my house myself this time. But then I stumbled across Mike McColl's photo on an agency website, and knew the face immediately. I had long forgotten his name, but when I saw the photo I recalled meeting Mike at an open home I'd wandered into years ago. The house he represented wasn't for me, but I never forgot what an impression he left...professional, real, like he took pride in his work - not just in it for the dollars. And he wasn't pushy, he just seemed honest. I decided to try again with an agent's help to sell my most prized possession.

To make matters more challenging, this time I was the one who was overseas - to support my sick dad. Even in my absence, Mike was on top of every step, going the extra mile at every turn, and consistent in communication with me. He gave assistance in every way, from meeting with my tenants on my behalf, to coordinating the handyman and landscapers for me in prepping for the sale.

And I'm not the only one who was impressed... I had my house staged by a close friend Anthea Baker who owns Homebase. I asked her opinion for confirmation of my own impression, as I know she works with agents all the time. When she first met Mike she called me and said "Leslie this man is extremely professional. And he presents himself like he presents the homes he sells - immaculately. I met with him today and his shirt was ironed to within an inch of it's life! He's really fussy, and that's a really good thing!"

As she predicted, Mike followed up after the cleaners and personally saw to it that every inch of the house was sparkling before the staging and photography took place. Again my friend called me in America to update me on things, and said "Talk about above and beyond the call of duty!! You've gotten really lucky finding Mike!"

Overall Mike made the process seem easy, he gave me firm support at each step, and the sale was seamless, flawless. In only three weeks my house was sold, for more than I had ever imagined before he expanded my vision.

Mike McColl THANK YOU for a job most excellently done, and for healing wounds from the past through such a great experience. Sometimes life rights itself through people like you.

— Dr Leslie Wells
North Carolina, USA

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

The world is changing faster than ever and so is the way we need to expose our products and services. At International Realty we understand how crucial it has become to advertise our Vendors properties using social media. Social networks were around long before the internet, but new technologies have revolutionised the way we interact with the public.

Major newspapers, once a primary source of information for consumers, are cutting back and reducing circulation. The landscape has changed; there is no doubt about it. The good news is that we have embraced social media as it allows us to reach a more focused audience than ever before and enables us to enhance and plan our marketing campaigns very effectively.

Methods of Sale Explained

Choosing the correct method of sale is critical to achieving the best possible sale price. We can advise you with recommendations grounded in years of experience and success. For properties demanding extra sensitivity and vendors not wishing to be on the market actively, we will list your property and introduce prospective buyers on a private and confidential basis.


Our sales history confirms that better prices are achieved for vendors when buyers are on your property, visualising that it is already theirs. We do not agree with buyers being ushered into a "cattle yard"-type situation to buy their dream home that is shown on a screen.

Selling by Fixed Price

A fixed price is likely to:


PBN: Price by Negotiation

Selling by negotiation is likely to: